There are an estimated 143 million orphans in Africa and 210 million orphans worldwide [recent
UNICEF report). Nigeria’s population is approximately 200 million persons and this gives a rough idea about the magnitude of the population of orphans worldwide. Every day 5, 760
more children become orphaned worldwide and 2, 102, 400 are orphaned yearly in Africa due to high
rates of maternal mortality. The living conditions of these orphans leave a lot to be desired.
One of our initiatives in humanitarian aids is the 10,000 smiles program targeted to reach orphans. Beyond the provision of free meals, this program is designed for social Integration. What we hope to achieve Is to expose these children to what other “privileged” children do for Christmas, thereby giving them a sense of belonging. We have laid down systems and structures to make achieve and sustain the
‘This welfare program for orphans which involves free feeding and take-out, during festive periods as well as welfare packages for their homes.