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RavenBrooks International

Initiatives for sustainable development

The RavenBrooks International initiative for sustainable development is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose purpose is to ensure that selected sustainable developmental goals are met especially in communities where direct government impact appears unfelt.

We believe that sustainable development is achievable, hence we emphasize actionable results through properly planned projects and right partnerships that would lead to a future generation of individuals who can sustain themselves and are relevant in their communities.

Meet the Team

Daniel Ikhelegbe-Ojo

Daniel Ikhelegbe-Ojo is an entrepreneur and one driven by a passion for philanthropy. Despite the harsh economy in Nigeria, Daniel cofounded RavenBrooks international initiative for sustainable development in 2017 with a view to providing relief and succour to Nigerians in particular and Africans at large.

Ehi. Ero-Omoighe III

Ehi. Ero-Omoighe III, Creative entrepreneur and co-founder RavenBrooks International, Ehi is passionate about Education, excellent service, value creation, self-sustainability and empowerment.

Anita Ebhaleme

Anita Ebhaleme is an entrepreneur who has a great passion for humanity. She serves on the board of RavenBrooks International, and is responsible for maintaining the organization’s records and administration.

Yahaya Ajayi

Yahaya Ajayi is a businessman and one of the founding partners of RavenBrooks International Initiative for Sustainable Development.

Osayamen Edigin

Osayamen Edigin is the Director of Friends of RavenBrook international diaspora. Dr Edigin, born and raised in Nigeria, relocated to the United States in 2004. He received his bachelors in Biology.

Shalom Osahon

Shalom Osahon, young and vibrant is the face of RavenBrooks International, she is passionate about the sustainable development goals especially as it relates to the less privileged members of society.


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