Ehi. Ero-Omoighe III

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Ehi. Ero-Omoighe III

Ehi. Ero-Omoighe III, Creative entrepreneur and co-founder RavenBrooks International, Ehi is passionate about Education, excellent service, value creation, self-sustainability and empowerment.

He serves on the board of RavenBrooks International and is the chief operations officer/ Executive Director overseeing programme development and execution and all sundry affairs for the organization

Ehi holds a Diploma in Creative Publication and Design [NIIT, Benin], Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education, Master’s degree in Educational Management and is currently chasing a Doctorate in Educational Planning from the University of Benin.

Ehi loves the arts and in his leisure would most likely be found graphic designing, playing the piano, reading a book or seeing a movie.